Tuesday, March 3, 2009

'SaiNagar Shirdi' Railway Station -details.

'SaiNagar Shirdi' Railway Station -details.

The name of the Station in Shirdi is "SAINAGAR" and the Train is "SHIRDI EXPRESS".

It will begin from :Train no.1333 - CST via Manmad to Puntamba and then Train no.1334 - A Shuttle Train from Puntamba to Shirdi`s "Sainagar" Station.
The train will leave CST at 10.55 p.m. and reach Shirdi at 10.30 a.m. the next day.
The return train will leave from Shirdi at 4.40 p.m. and reach CST at 4.25 a.m. (via Dadar- Thane- Kalyan- Pune- Daund- Ahmednagar- Puntamba stations with 22 halts on the way.)
*The timings of this "Shirdi Express" train can be changed in future if required.And now plans are also on, for connecting Delhi & other major Cities directly to Shirdi.
For Bookings - Apart from Authorised Travel Agents / Direct Booking / Travel websites, Online Bookings can also be made on the following website of Indian Railways - http://www.irctc.co.in/


  1. what is timetable of shirdi express

  2. Shirdi Fast Passenger/1333 from Mumbai CST/CSTM to Sainagar Shirdi/SNSI

    Mumbai CST/CSTM 10:55PM

    Sainagar Shirdi/SNSI 10:28AM Next day

  3. how far is the station from 500 room cottage? How much the local taxi charge?

  4. Good one. This station is the main station of Shirdi. Its neat and clean and you can find out about the timing of arrival of a particular train at Sainagar Shirdi railway station. Check Mumbai to Shirdi trains for more clarity.